Valentine’s Day

Ever wonder where the famous romantic holiday originated from? National Geographic gives a little insight into the pagan partying tradition that eventually evolved into what we know as Valentine’s Day.

It began as a pagan partying tradition, known as Lupercalia. Eventually, the festival honored St. Valentine, who, in the third century A.D., amidst Roman Emperor Claudius II’s prohibition of marriage to bolster his army, began performing marriages in secret. National Geographic states that for his defiance, Valentine was killed in A.D. 270 on February 14th. Romantic, or not?

Well, it has definitely evolved into something romantic today. And if you’re unsure of what to get your loved one this year to honor Valentine’s Day, stop into Skin Tight for a gift certificate! Gift certificates can be used on facials, makeup, or skin care. We look forward to seeing you this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget! Our grand opening event on Thursday, February 15th!

Intersted to know more about Valentine’s Day? Here’s the link to National Geographic:

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