March Makeover Madness!

We have something amazing to share with all of you! Each month we are going to be offering a unique special.

This month: Makeover March

  1. Define your brows: With a microblading procedure get a free Iredale Cosmetics lip drink sample!
  2. Volumize Your Lashes: NovaLash introductory special: 45 minute session for $50.
  3. Brighten Your Eyes: Gently and effectively treat and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Feed, Fortify & Finish: Jane Iredale $10 off Accumax supplements

“Wear Your Greens” $10 off Signature Facial: Detoxifying microgreens complex. Treat hormonal breakouts and aging with super-charged eight greens.

Finish with full makeup coverage based on your skin type. Includes primer and brightener, foundation, hydration spray and concealer. $15

Skin Tight's Special of the Month (1)

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