Toronto’s ESI Conference

Last weekend, Michele, Heather, and Shayna attended the ESI Esthetique Conference in Toronto! Dozens of businesses participated, including our own Eminence and Jane Iredale, offering classes and tutorials on their products.

Michele took two of Eminence founder, Boldijarre Koronczay’s, master skincare classes, where he showcased his facial AND comedic skills! He’s such a wonderful person to learn from. Meeting and interacting with him, witnessing the passion he has for his brand, only makes us prouder to carry his products. Even Shayna sat in on a class and loved every minute of it!

Heather and Shayna took one of Jane Iredale’s professional makeup classes and learned the ins and outs of their amazing, all-natural, and (mostly) vegan and gluten free products.

After talking with many other estheticians, we are excited to add a few new services to our list!

⇒We are now offering a brow bar: waxing, shaping, filling, anything you need involving your brows. Learn from our professionals the way to shape and fill yours brows so you can do it perfectly every time.

⇒We are also adding eyelash lifts and tints to our eyelash services. Eyelash lifts include a keratin based lash enhancement. Lash lifts turn your lashes upwards instead of just an eyelash perm, the lift usually adds tint and gives them length and volume.

Stop into the spa so we can share with you everything we’ve learned!


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