White, Blue, & Red Currant this July

New at the spa is Eminence’s Red Currant line, full of antioxidant-rich ingredients and a perfect remedy for that sweaty, oily skin in the summer. The line includes: an exfoliating cleanser, balancing concentrate, mattifying mist, rapid infusion masque, and a protective moisturizer with SPF 30!

Most products in the line contain key ingredients such as the Youth Shield Antioxidant; Elderflower, another antioxidant; Magnolia Bark, soothes and calms the skin; Natural AHA Cocktail, removes dead skin naturally; Grape Seed Oil, antioxidant, supplies bioflavonoids, combats free radicals; and Tea Tree Oil, anti-acne.

The Red Currant line is great for controlling oil, whether it’s summer or you have an oily skin type. Their mattifying mist is great for combating oily skin, and the infusion masque exfoliates, while also serving as an anti-inflammatory.

Stop into the store to talk with Michele more about these products and shop!


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