NCEA Certification Press Release

NCEALogo 1

Michele Chick, BSM, LE, Aesthetic Nurse, has recently achieved the NCEA Certified credential.  This professional credential is awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by the National Coalition of Estheticians & Associations (NCEA) 1200-hour Esthetician Job Task Analysis-the industry-driven gold standard for excellence in skin care.  Created by Estheticians, for Esthetician-that defines what an esthetician should know and be able to do in caring for the skin.

NCEA Certified represents the highest skin care credential available in the US, and adherence to the Code of Ethics of the profession.  As an NCEA Certified Professional, Michele has mastered the scientific concepts of infection control procedures, advanced knowledge of human anatomy & physiology, skin conditions & disorders, risk management, business of skin care, dermatology & plastic surgery medical interaction, and, advanced facial and body treatments.  Additionally, Michele also demonstrated theoretical understanding of electricity and the use of various electrical equipment within NYS’s scope of practice.  Becoming an NCEA Certified Professional is a voluntary recognition of achievement among peers, employees, clients and the profession.

The application process to take the National NCEA Certification Exam, Michele had to meet the NCEA candidate requirements which included verification of licensure, professional skin care experience and CPR/AED certification.

Congratulations to Michele for her accomplishment attaining the NCEA Certified credential!


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