Brow Bar

Microblading       250

Our certified brow specialist microblades eyebrows to look shaped, full, and defined. Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that differs from eyebrow tattoos that have been seen in past years. Traditional eyebrow tattoos can look fake and scary. This is because they often seem to indiscriminately deposit a heavy layer of dark ink without taking into account a person’s natural brow shape. Microblading uses a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the skin using the hair stroke technique. Each stroke is strategically placed one by one to ensure a natural look. After the process is completed, it usually takes around 25-30 days for healing. One touch up is required after the healing process has completed, and then only about once a year after that.

Microbladed eyebrows are very low-maintenance. After the healing process you can swim, touch them, wash them, rub them, etc.

Touch up prices: 4-6 weeks: 50; up to a year: 100; up to two years: 175; up to three years: 225; after three years: 250.   Please note these prices are for our specialists original microblading work.  If you have had your brows done by someone else, a consultation for pricing is required.  

Our Specialist is certified through Beauty Mark Brows in Rochester, NY.

Brow Lamination   80                       with tint     85                  with an eyelash lift and tint    130

A service that fills in gaps in brows and gives them the illusion of fullness and growth in a fast, noninvasive way.