Facials  85

Our facial treatments focus on the health and wellness of the skin, while targeting trouble areas.  We utilize revitalizing products prescriptive for your skin type and/or condition.  Massage techniques iron out fine lines and wrinkles leaving your face glowing.  Upper back, arm and neck massage, along with neck stretching, adds additional pampering and stress relief.  The addition of serums, waters, oils and concentrates, boosts your treatment concerns such as dehydration, pollutants, loss of elasticity and collagen, aging, and hyperpigmentation.  You will leave feeling healthy and relaxed.

We target anti-aging issues, sensitive skin (including rosacea), acne, dehydration, and brightening.  

Advanced Acne Facial 105

Cleans, Treat and Hydrate. Take your final first step toward that elusive clean, clear and healthy skin you’ve been looking for. Powerful fusion of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals combine to provide a gentle and effective deep clean and a fresh complexion. The masque is jam-packed with an abundance of acne-alleviating ingredients. A unique triple-blend of natural clay, the masque is used to absorb oil and diminish shine. Zap those problem spots whenever acne rears its ugly white head! The perfect finishing touch in your acne cleansing treatment actively balances oil production and diminishes shine, while providing the hydration you need for a soft matte finish and a healthy complexion! Finally, LED lights help to kill that bacteria causing your breakouts.