Incorporating all the elements of the Signature Facial, extended facial treatments are an advanced target-specific treatments for problematic issues of each individual’s skin.

Microdermabrasion       110

Collagen is a protein in your skin that’s abundant when you’re a child and makes skin appear taut and smooth. Collagen production declines as we age, resulting in looser, uneven skin.  Microdermabrasion helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion. Also available as a package, 4-sessions for 385.

Arctic Berry Renewal Treatment       115

Treat yourself to a premium anti-aging facial using luxury botanical and organic ingredients sourced from the arctic. This results-oriented facial layers three uniquely formulated products that work in harmony, as an advanced resurfacing treatment. The breakthrough Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating System also target blemishes, uneven skin and fine lines to reveal a new level of luminosity to your skin. Deep exfoliation combined with a botanical peptide infusion will leave you with an instantly younger looking appearance.

Blueberry Detox Firming Peel       115

This corrective treatment is for all skin types, especially dry, mature, thick and sun-damaged; not for extremely sensitive or rosacea skins.  The functionality of this treatment will refine clarify, minimize and clear pores, detoxifies, and remove dead skin allowing for easier penetration to the skin of other products for better results.

Yam & Pumpkin Peel       115

This is an organic 20% peel that uses enzymes and multi-acids from raw organic produce to exfoliate deep into the pores and help lighten pigmentation or sun damage. The pumpkin pulp purée is rich in enzymes, beta-carotene, amino acids and antioxidants to fight the signs of aging while the glycolic and lactic acids brighten and lighten dark spots on the skin.

Alphahydroxy Fruit Peel      115

This peel is great for dry, dehydrated, oil deficient, clogged, and blemished or acne skin types. With ingredients such as naseberry, apple, grape, medlar/apple, and lactic acid, you can expect immediate skin stimulation resulting in a rosy glow, a clear radiant skin tone, reduction of visible signs of aging, and a refined epidermis.

Salicylic Peel       90

Have severe acne and considering Acutane? Try Eminence’s Advanced Acne Treatment first. With all products in the line containing organic encapsulated salicylic acid, this new skin care regimen is designed specifically for severe acne. The beta-hydroxy-acid delivers time-release action to exfoliate and unclog pores, while papaya fruit extract exfoliates to reduce imperfections without irritation. Chamomile extract balances and calms skin. Also available as a package, 4-sessions for 315.

Mangosteen Resurfacing Treatment (resurfacing)     120

Designed with all skin types in mind, this latest treatment uses a gentle lactic acid complex to reveal your inner radiance.  Paired with an antioxidant-rich super fruit, Mangosteen-which promotes natural radiance and protects from environmental damage-the Mangosteen Lactic Acid Collection evens out your skin tone and smooths your complexion so you can get glowing again.  Results reported 84% reduction in pore size and 90% increased radiance!

The peels do not damage the outer layer of the skin so you will not peel days following your treatment.  You may leave with a pink glow to your skin which can be covered with a light powder foundation.  Most can return to work immediately following the treatment.